Hatfield Heath Primary School

Hatfield Heath, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM22 7EA







Head teacher Mrs Elisabeth Gelston
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Michelle Collier
Business Director Mrs Victoria Marrow
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Elisabeth Gelston

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Michelle Collier, Miss Becca Godsafe, Mrs Victoria Marrow

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Elisabeth Gelston, Mrs Victoria Marrow, Mrs Claire Atherton, Mrs Michelle Collier, Mrs Danielle Davis, Miss Becca Godsafe, Mr Gavin Strickfuss


SENCo Miss Becca Godsafe
Reception Class teacher Mrs Michelle Collier and Mrs Kate Dordoy
Year 1 Class teacher Mrs Sandra Moreton and Mrs Claire Atherton
Year 2 Class teacher Mr Gavin Strickfuss
Year 3 Class teacher Miss Katherine Ingrouille
Year 4 Class teacher Mrs Debra Coates-Reynolds and Mrs Cheryl Gray
Year 5 Class teacher Mr Duncan Brown
Year 6 Class teacher Mrs Danielle Davis
PPA/Cover teacher Mrs Emma Snow
Learning Support Assistants

Miss Molly Forbes and Miss Sophie Williams

Year 1

Miss Natasha Pate and Mrs Sophie Barnett
Year 2 Mrs Susi Brooks
Year 3

Mrs Stacey Warren and Ms Anna Farmer

Year 4 Mrs Jenny Chamberlain
Year 5

Mrs Luisa Reed and Mrs Anne-Lise Fitzgerald

Year 6 Mrs Michelle Dawson

Midday Supervisors
Ms Anna Farmer (senior MDA)
Mrs Stacey Warren
Mrs Kelly Millen
Mrs Natasha Pate
Mrs Molly Forbes
Mrs Amanda Northfield
Dr Anne-Lise Fitzgerald

Mrs Sophie Barnett                                                                                                                              Ms Natalie Kelly

Administration Team
Office Manager Mrs Tina Cox
Clerical Assistant Mrs Caroline Forbes
Clerical Assistant Miss Angela Hoffman
Site Team
Site Manager Mr Ehsan Ahmed
Cleaner Mrs Ann Gaskin
Cleaner Mrs Amy Wardlaw
Cleaner Mrs Sophie Barnett